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3 Hydrogeochemical Study Of Groundwater Of Madaragalli Village, Mysore Taluk, Mysore District, Karnataka, India Mohammed Aleem Pasha
4 Numismatic Study Of Political And Economic Conditions Of Gupta Empire Dr. Prabhakar N Kolekar  
5 Women Employment And Gender Role: Preference For Two Children Family Dhiren Sahoo &Dr Archana Kujur  
6 Online Shopper Behavior: Influences Of Online Shopping Decision M. Jayalakshmi & Dr. C. Subramanian  
7 Ways To Improve Teaching Quality Smita Arjun Borade  
8 A Review Of Literature On Agriculture Insurance In India Dr. Rakesh Patidar & Dr. Dheeraj Negi  
9 A Study On “The Impact Of Online Shopping Upon Retail Trade Business” M. Jayalakshmi & Dr. C. Subramanian  
10 कनिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील विद्यार्थांच्या अभ्यास सवयी व शैक्षणिक सम्पादणूक यातील सहसंबंधाचा अभ्यास डॉ. हेमंतकुमार यशवंत देवरे  
11 A Study On Teachers’ Motivational Strategy And Academic Achievement Of Higher Secondary Students A.S. Arul Lawrence  
12 A  Study Of Academic Achievement Of B Ed Students In Relation To Their Study Habits Dr Hema R Bhadawkar  
13 शिरपुर तालुक्यातील अध्यापक विद्यालयातील विद्यार्थ्यांच्या संगणक वापरविषयी भीतीचा अभ्यास डॉ. हेमंतकुमार यशवंत देवरे  
14 Acid Attack Victims & RPWD Act Dr. Bhola Vishwakarma  
15 Human Rights And The Dalits: Role Of Education Dr. M. A. M. S. Ansari  
16 Perceptions Of Pre Service Teachers About Use Of 5 E Instructional Model For Teaching Environmental Education Ms Rupal Thakkar  
17 A Study Of Adjustment Of Adolescent Girls In Relation To Their Level Of Intelligence Dr. Umender Malik & Kiran Goyat  
18 कामकाजी एवं गैर कामकाजी महिलाओं के बच्चों की शैक्षिक उपलब्धि में अंतर का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन डॉ. (श्रीमती) रीना जैन  
19 Struggles Of   Women Entrepreneurs And Their Financial Needs In Selected Districts Of Tamilnadu Dr. K. Kumaran  
20 Swadeshi In The Globalising World Dr. Geetanjali Sahni Atri  
21 Post-Reform Employment Trends In Organised Public And Private Sectors In India Yogesh Kumar  
22 Integrated Model For Effective Teaching Learning Of Biological Science For Visually Impaired Students Dr. Madhuri Suresh Isave  
23 Learning To Teach : Mentoring For Sustainable Development Harshaben Jignesh Patel  
24 Employee Volunteering Under Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Private Organizations Dr.Vandana chakrabarti Mrs. Asha D Kori  
25 Depression Among Adolescents In Relation To Family Environment, Gender And Type Of Institution: A Case Study Dr. Mohan Galgotra  
26 A Study Of Correlation Between Role Efficacy And Teacher Orientation Of Secondary School Teachers Dr. K. V.Deore  
27 A Study Of Relationship Between Examination Stress And Academic Achievement Among Higher Secondary School Students In Kancheepuram District Dr. Deepa Bisht & I. S. Sudha  
28 A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Services Provided By State Bank Of India- With Special Reference To Nagappattinam District Dr. D. Mohan  
29 A Study On The Role Of Advertisement On The Purhase  Of Electronic Goods Dr. R. Thirumavalavan  
30 A Study On Consumer’s Brand Preference Of Washing Soap In Mayiladuthurai Town Dr. D. Mohan  
31 Impact Of Solid Waste On Human Health And                        Environment In India – An Overview Dr. B. Gangadhar  
32 Online Social Networking Dr. J. Amutha  
33 A Study On Disbursement Of Bank Loan Of Women SHGs In Nagapattinam District Tamil Nadu Dr. K. Muthu  
34 Investment Perception Towards Various Investment With Reference To Mayiladuthurai Town Dr. R.Thirumavalavan  
35 Status In The Working Place Of The Women SHGs Members In Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu – An Analysis Dr. K. Muthu  
36 A Review On Multi-Components Reactions Functioning Through Derivatization Of Carbonyl Compound As Reactive Intermediate Ashishkumar P. Katariya  
37 Comparative Study Of Elementary School Teachers With Special Reference To Their  Job Satisfaction Javeed Ahmad Puju & Mastoora Hassan  
38 Sikhism And Female Infanticide Harneet Kaur
39 Tipu Sultan And Social Justice Dr. Gurusiddaiah, Dr. B. P.Mahesh Chandra Guru Abhilash, M. S
40 A Correlation Study Between Job Satisfaction And Emotional Intelligence Among Primary Teacher Dr. S. P. Patil
41 A Correlation Study Between Stress And Mental Health Among Primary Teacher Dr. S. P. Patil
42 प्राथमिक शाळांमधील शिक्षकांच्या स्वजाणीवांचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास डॉ. सुनील परशराम पाटील
43 A Correlation Study Between Work Environment And Job Satisfaction Among Primary Teacher Dr. S. P. Patil
44 Correlation Between Spiritual And Emotional Intelligence Of Secondary School Teachers Dr. Arati P. Sapkale
45 Problems And Remedies Of Teacher Education Dr. Arati  P. Sapkale
46 हिंगोली जिल्ह्यातील आदिवासी शेतकऱ्याना वीजपंप / तेलपंप तसेच  एच. डी. पी. ई. पाईप पुरवठा योजनेचा मूल्यमापनात्मक अभ्यास मंगल नागोराव मारकड

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47 Guidelines For Standardization& Development Of Psychological Scale / Tests Dr. Arati P. Sapkale