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2 मराठी साहित्यातील राजकीय कादंबरीचा मापनदंडन निर्मोही फडके व डॉ सुनील रामटेके  
3 ‘ग्लोबल वार्मिंग’ ला उत्तर ‘इको व्हीलेज’ माधव गुणवंतराव सावरगावे  
4 Correlation Between Punctuality And Self Actualization Among B.Ed. Students Mr. Abhijeet M. Rajput and Dr. Aarti P. Sapkale  
5 Women Empowerment & Indian Economy : An Overview Dr. Rupali R. Shinde  
6 Report Of Study On Violence Against Women Ms. A. Hidayathul Kamila  
7 Digital Divide Among College Students In Pernem Taluka Of Goa: A Gender Based Analysis Dr (Mrs) Roshan Vasu Usapkar  
8 A Study On The Situation Of Muslim Widows And Property Rights In Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu Ms. A. Hidayathul Kamila and Prof. N. Manimekalai  
9 Influence Of Demographic Factors On Consumers’ Purchase Decision Towards SIM Cards : A Comparative Analysis Between Rural & Urban Consumers’ Of West Bengal Dr. Debarun Chakraborty  
10 Active Learning Strategies In Classroom Using ICT Tool Mrs. Bareen Shaikh and Mrs. Anupama Algannawar  
11 Relationship Between The FIIS Investment And Indian Stock Market Asst. Prof. Rahul B. Chauhan  
12 Attitude Towards Science And Academic Achievement Of Secondary School Students Mr. Sisaket Rattana and Dr. K. B. Praveena  
13 Bridging Skill Gap In Higher Education: Can Technology Help? Dr. Anuradha Sindhwani  
14 Buddha And His Dhamma : Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’ Perspective Yugendar Nathi  
15 Security Analysis Of Cryptographic Techniques For Authenticating VM Template In The Cloud Mrs. Kavita Shinde and Mrs. Bareen Shaikh and Mrs. Sangeeta Borde  
16 Stock Selection Preferences Of Individual Equity Investors In Kerala Dayana Jose and Gopikumar V  
17 Impact Of Non-Performing Assets (NPAS) On Indian Banking Sector Dr. Bhaskar Jangale  
18 E-Commerce: An Indian Scenario Revati Ramrao Rautrao  
19 Gandhi And Nehru Perceptions On Indian Village Society Dr. B. Sudarshan  
20 Stress And Time Management Among The Post Graduate Students In Khammam District, Telangana – A Study Dr. Gopi T and Dr.Sridhar Kumar Lodh  
21 Work Ethics Of Employees Of Selected Private Sector Commercial Banks In Nagapattinam District B. Sivakumar and Dr.G. Rajendran  
22 Short Term And Long Term Effect Of GST Dr. Bharat M. Pithadia  
23 Human Resource Development In The Urban Co-Oeparative Banks -An Indian Perspective Revati Ramrao Rautrao and Dr. G. Gopalkrishnan  
24 Status Of Muslim Education In India: Problems And Concerns Kamruzzaman Mollah and Saradindu Bera  
25 A Study On Learning Styles Of H.S. Level Students Of Dibrugarh District Dr. Smriti Rekha Phukan  
26 A Study On Hrd Activities Included In Nationalised Banks Of Maharashtra Dr. Rupesh S Shah  
27 Merging Of State Bank Group- Its Impact On Associate Banks And Its Stake Holders Dr. G. Sabitha Srinivas  
28 Employment Entrepreneurship And Education: New Ways Of Success With Special Reference To India Nida Fatima  
29 A Correlation Study Of Spiritual Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence Of Senior Secondary School Teacher Dr. Poonam Sharma and Purnima Jain  
30 Performing Art As The Method And Technique In Teaching At Primary School Level Of Jorhat District, Assam (India) – A Case Study Dr. Subhash Chandra Das  
31 A Study On Relationship Between Logical Mathematical Intelligence And Academic Achievement In Mathematics Of High School Students Dr Renuka Sonny L R and Miss Karthika Sivadas  
32 Mewatis Under The Mamluk Dynasty Pankaj Dhanger  
33 Political Philosophy Of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Views On Democracy Yugendar Nathi and Dr. B. Sudarshan  
34 Differentiated Instruction Way To Ensuring All Student’s Mastery Of Academic Standards Dr. Sanjay J. Nimbalkar  
35 A Study On Usage Of Sharpe’s Single Index Model In Portfolio Construction W.R.T Nse It Index Prof. Raghavendra S Bendigeri  
36 Influence Of Sanskrit In T.S. Eliots – Wasteland Dr. Seemen Mahmood  
37 The Influence Of Vivekananda’s Philosophy On Education And World Thought Dr. D. Rita Suguna Sundari  
38 Web Based Instruction For Psychomotor Domain: A Need For Skill Development Dr. Mandeep Kaur  
39 नक्षलवाद कारणे व उपाय प्रा दिनेश खंडारे  
40 Assessing Life Skills Of Prospective Teacher Dr. Harneet Billing  
41 डॉ बाळासाहेब विखे पाटील यांनी सुरु केलेल्या शैक्षणिक सोयी सुविधाचा अभ्यास भोसले सचिन व डॉ चंद्रकांत बाविस्कर  
42 Wealth Management In India: Challenges And Strategies Dr. Sumati Sidharth and Dr. Prabha Singh  
43 Classroom culture :The Hidden Curriculum Dr. Vini Sebastian
44 ग्रामीण विकासात स्वयसेवीसंस्थांचे योगदान :ग्रामगौरव प्रतिष्टान –पाणी पंचायत या संस्थेचा विशेष अभ्यास डॉ.डी.व्ही.पवार