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1 Learners As Builder And Creators of Knowledge Mrs Archana V Katgeri  
2 Effect of Touch Math intervention On Acquisition of math skills in children with Learning Difficulties Ms. Gopa Jhaveri  
3 Student Driven Teaching-Learning Process Dr. Vini Sebastian  
4 Managing Change and Innovation in Education Dr. Mrs. Indira Shukla  
5 Outdoor Education: An innovative practice in experiential learning Amita Kendurkar  
6 Innovative teaching method Nitisha Jha  
7 George orwell’s Animal Farm: A Study Dr. S.D.Sargar  
8 A study of Novel As A Form Of Literature Dr.S.D.Sargar  
9 Sophocles’ ‘Oedipus Rex’ : A Critical Analysis Dr.S.D.Sargar