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2 Fostering Inclusive Education In Teacher Education: Problems And Prospects In Implementing Inclusive Education In Indian Scenario Dr Shazli Hasan Khan  
3 A Study Of Attitude Of The School Teachers Towards Inclusive Education Smt Archana V Katgeri  
4 Book Review :The Aims Of Education & Other Essays Beena Indrani  
5 A Factor Analytical Study Of Temperament, Character, Emotional Intelligence And Need Achievement  Of Commerce Faculty Dr. (Mrs.) Anjum Ahmed  
6 Efficacy Of Meta Cognitive Orientation And Attention Activation Strategies On Developing  Writing Competence Dr.K.Chellamani  
7 The Need Of Computer Assisted Instruction In B.Ed. & M.Ed. Course Ms. Abhilasha Tiwari  & Prof. Asha Joshi  
8 A Study On The Role Of Knowledge Acquisition In A Learning Organization With Reference To Environmental   Scanning Prof. Abhijit Khasnis  
9 Homosexuality In E. M. Forster’s Maurice Dr.H.B.Patil  
10 Peace Education: Global and Indian Context Dr.Vikas Mane  
11 The Journey Of Protagonist In The Longest Journey Dr. Anil S. Sugate    Prof. Ashwini A. Sugate,  
12 E-Learning: The Tool For Women Empowerment Dr.N.JOHNSON  
13 ICT: An Indispensable Approach For Qualitative Improvement In Teacher Education Dr. Satvinderpal Kaur