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1 Understanding The Rasa Theory Dr A. P.Pandey  
2 A General Study Of Biomedical Waste Management: For Awareness And Practices Amit Mishra, Dr. M. L. Agrawal  
3 Lifelong Learning & Continuing Professional Education Of School Teachers Mrs. Meera Subramanian  
4 The Behaviour  Of The Elliptic Modular Function And Nth Derivative Of Elliptic Modular Function Can Be Expressed In Terms Of Differential Operator (). Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Mishra  
5 A Unique Collection of Literary Works often Confused (Part-I) Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal  
6 Budget, Budgeting And Budgetary Control Ashok Wagh  & Dr. S. T. Gadade  
7 Social Change And Agriculture In Rural Areas Of Uttar Pradesh Sarda Prasad & Anchal Singh  
8 Theorizing Comparative Literature in a Globalized Era Dr. Shashikant Mhalunkar  
9 LIS Professionals And Their Reading Habits In College And University Libraries In India Mr.Sunil S.Avachite
10 शेतमजूर समस्या : कारणे व उपाय प्रा.संदे आर एन