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1 Study Of Quality Of Reflection In Students Teachers Professional Thinking Dr. Naik  Tarsing ,Shri Tukaram D.Kumbhar  And Dr. G.N.Bhusare  
2 Promoting Students’ Creativity Through Leadership Styles Dr.N.Johnson  & Dr.N.Arunachalam  
3 Analysis And Grading Of Influential Factors On Customer Satisfactions Of City Bank From Services And Loyalty To The Brand (Case Study: City Bank Tehran Branch) Dr.M.Nadaf And  Neda Rezaeian  
4 Organization Development And High Performance Organizations Dr. Nilesh Thakre  
5 A Study Of The Difficulties In Writing English Essays Of Xii Standard Students Of English Medium School And   To Suggest The Remedies Dr. Meena Prakash Kute  
6 Gender Equality: Legal Protection To Women B. Pradhan And Jitendra K Verma  
7 A Study Of Knowledge Management Strategies Of Teacher Educators In Relation To Selected Variables Dr. Sybil Thomas  
8 Is The Stress Level Gender Bias? Dr. Meena Mehta  
9 A Survey Of Attitude Of Selected Medical College Students Of Indore Towards  Games And Sports Dr. Vijay Francis Peter  
10 Muslims In The Pre-Independence Politics In India Alisher and Dr.Sunil Kumar Jangir  
11 Value Education Need To The Day For Sustainable Development Prof. Pratap B.Atre  
12 Remedial Measures For Improving The Reading Ability Of The Students Dr.Chandrakant Borse  
13 SHGS-IS IT THE REAL TOOL FOR EMPOWERING THE WOMEN Mrs.Sumathi.K, Miss Anuradha T.S  & Miss Vidya. R  
14 E-Learning Need of Time Dr.Sandhya Bangale  
15 Technology Based Learning Environment And Achievement Of Students In Chemistry  At Secondary Level Of CBSC And Up Board In India Avinash Agrahari and Dr. (Smt.) Shailja Singh