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2 HR Techniques Used By Nokia In The World Of Globalisation Ms.Sheetal.Ra.Chawhan and Dr.Prakash N.Somalkar  
3 Knowledge Auditing And Mapping: A Practical Approach Gopal S. Jahagirdar  
4 Micro-Finance In India Progress Of Shg-Bank Linkage Programme Ravinder Kumar  And  Ritika  
5 Difficulties In Teaching Mathematics Of Secondary School Level Dr. Mrs. Khamkar Satwashila Balaso  
6 A Geographical Review Of Mohol Periodic Market Dr. N. G. Shinde And Mr. Hulsure Chetan Laxman  
7 A Study On Erp Based Library Management Systems S. Sundareswari And Dr.A.Ganesan  
8 Educational Thoughts Of Shri Aurobindo And Its Relevance Today Dr.Kalpana Modi  
9 Higher Education As A Competitive Enterprise – An Overview Manu K B and Ramya H S  
10 The Role Of Consertia And Digital Perservation Mrs. Balaji Maddisetty  
11 Assessment Of Learning Strategies Adopted By Xi Standard Students In Studying Plant Taxonomy Dr. Geetha G. Nair And Dr. S. Ramaa  
12 Spatio-Temporal Variation In Surface Water Availability In Upper Krishna Basin Dr. Jadhav Krishnat Rajaram  
13 Early Grade Reading Programme an initiative of community Siddheshwar B. Wadkar And Dr Chetan Chavan