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1 Plugin Tool: Open Source Application for Identifications and  Prevention Of Attacks on Web Application Girish J.Navale  & Vanita Babanne  
2 Poverty: Issues And Challenges In India Aspect Prolay Mondal  
3 Adolescents And Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Analysis Aneesh Kurian  
4 Value Based Education Dr. (Mrs.) Mandeep Kour Kocher,  Miss Ela T. Baria,  
5 Female Feticide: A Dark face of Indian Society Shelly Kalsi And Amritpal Kaur  
6 Implementation of CCE & Use of Modern Methods Of Teaching and Learning Mrs. Masarrat  Saheb Ali  
7 A Study of Empowerment of Post Graduate Students’ of S.N.D.T. Women’s University. Dr.Pradny Wakpainjan  
8 Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Why does it Matter for teachers? Mrs Pratima Mishra  
9 Development Of ICT Awareness Programme For Teacher Trainees And Study Its Effectiveness Dr. Vijay Dhamane & Harshpreet Bhatia  
10 Feminist perspectives in  Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter Dr.A.P. Pandey  
11 Honouring the Silent Voices of Pre-service Warli Teachers in Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education Dr. Kalpana Kharade & Ms. Hema Peese  
12 Corporate Governance: Relevance and Need for Indian Banks with references to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Dr. Mahesh Abale & Prof. Devyani Ingale  
13 Aggression In Tots And Their Rearing Aseel Abdul Wahid & Mohammed Saud P.P  
14 A Study On Employee Empowerment With Reference To Tulasi Seeds Private Limited, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh T.Sita Ramaiah & Dr. R.A. Raut  
15 Shikshakanchi Anupastithi va Shikshaki vyavsayakade Asnari abhivrati yancha Sahsambhand Dr.Ashwini Karwande  
16 Demand Response For Selected Cooking Fuels In Oyo State Of Nigeria Adeniyi, O. A.  
17 MULTIPURPOSE TEACHING MACHINE*- TLM/RESOURCEInformation and Communication Technology (ICT) in Primary education- Its Application in My Classroom Sanjeev Kumar Bansal  
18 Buying Behavior of Consumer Towards Handloom and Handcraft with Special Reference to CIDCO Urban Haat Project Navi Mumbai Pratibha M. Deshmukh  
19 Mahila Sablikaran tathya ani Bhram Dr.Sulbha Gavande (Kharatkar)  
20 Data Hiding In Encrypted Image Using AES And Twelve Square Substitution Cipher Algorithms Sheela Bankar &  Mrunalieeni Patole  
21 A Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Value Education on the Behaviour of B.Ed. and B.Tech. Students Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh & Manisha  
22 Parametric Difference In Terms Of Contiguous Relations Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Mishra  
23 Social Constraints in Educational Access to Indian Rural Women: An Analysis  Dr.Satvinderpal Kaur