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2 Problems And Prospects Of FDI In Indian Retail Sector Dr.P.Thirumoorthi And Mr. S.Thandayuthapani  
3 An Attitude Of Pre-Service Teachers Towards Eradication Of Superstitions Dr. Vijay  Dhamane, And  Deokate  Navnath Bhanudas  
4 Social Competence Of Senior Secondary School Students In Relation To Self-Confidence Sandeep Kataria  
5 Well-Being, Religiosity And Consciousness Among Adolescents Dr. Preet Kumari And Shaktiyanshi Raundeley  
6 Effective Communication:  A Way To Success Deepak Kumar  
7 World Cultural Heritage Site Of India And Status Of Ajanta – Ellora Caves Dr Nabanita Dutta  
8 The Study Of Wellness Tourism In India Dr.B.Chandrashekara And  Nagaraju  L.G  
9 The Concept Of Ahimsā In Buddhism And Gandhism – A Comparative Study Ganesh Prasad  
10 Foreign Direct Investment In India:Trends,Determinants And Challenges MS Prerna Singh  
11 Mahakavi Ashwagosh keSahitya Me Darshan Dr. Manju Gupta  
12 Tamil Kahani Me Abhivyakta Samaj V.Anbumani