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2 Effect Of Smart Class Teaching On The Achievement Of 8th Class Students In Social Studies Indu Rathee  
3 Job Satisfaction Among Bank Employees (A Comparative Study Of SBI And HDFC Bank Employees Of Chandigarh City) Dr. Bikramjit Kaur  
4 Induction  Of  Auxotrophic  Mutants   In  E. Coli  K12 Dr. Geetha  G  Nair  
5 Jesuits In Marava Country A Glance R. Rathiga And Major (Dr).M.VIJI  
6 Merchant Guilds In Early Medieval South India: A Study Basayya I. Mathapati  
7 Strengthening Science Education For The 21st Century Dr. Anamika  
8 Theme based Teaching and Environmental Awareness: Integrating ELT with Ecological Issues Dr.Piku Chowdhury  
9 A Study On Understanding The Significant Role Of Talent Coaching And Leadership Building For Effectual Talent Management Dr.(Mrs)Vijit Chaturvedi  
10 Study of Career Decision Making among Girl Students of Educationally Backward Blocks of Punjab Dr. Jatinder Grover  
11 Study Of Autonomy And Self- Reliance In Relation To Decision Making And Capacity Building Of Adolescent Girls Dr. Meena Sharma  
12 A study on motivation level of managers and its impact on performance in Insurance Industry at Pune city Dr. Ujjwal M. Mishra  
13 Portfolio  Assessment Dr.Khamkar Satwashila Balaso  
14 Gramin Mahila Vikas Me Gramin Ajivika Pariyogan Ki Ek Bhumika Ek Mulyankan (Sendhava Tahasil Ke Vishesh Sandharbh Me) Dr.S.r.Mujalde  
15 Anti- Semitism In The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz Dr. J. P. Kamble  
16 The White Tiger: Marginality Retorts Dr. J. P. Kamble  
17 Innovative Best Practices In Mahtma Phule A.S. College Library Panvel Dist-Raigad(M.S.) India Mr. Sunil S.Avachite
18 विकास के विनाश प्रा.संदे आर .एन