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1 Zoomorphism In Arms Manpreet Kaur  
2 Coping Skills Of College Going Married Girl Students Dr. K. Arockia Raj  
3 Development Of Professional Skills Dr. (Mrs.) Rakesh Sandhu  
4 A Survey Of Techniques In Mining Software Repository Dr.Bijendra Agrawal and Narendra R Patel  
5 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) And Social Inclusion: A Number Of Indistinct Pictures? Dr. Nanjunda  
6 Managing Cultural Diversity At Work Place Dr. Mamta Malhotra  
7 Use Of Constructivism In Science Teaching Dr.Siddharth Ghatvisave  
8 महाराष्टतील जल सिंचनाचे विश्लेषणात्मक  अध्ययन डॉ संतोष कुटे  
9  हिंदी सिनेमा कि भाषा – कल आज और कल डॉ.काजल पांडे  
10  शिक्षण वायू प्रदूषण नियंत्रणाचे साधन डॉ.गोकर्णा मानकर  
11 Teaching Aptitude Among B.Ed. Trainees: A Study Dr. Pratik Upadhyaya  
12 An Analysis of Attitude of B-School Faculty Members towards Factors affecting Job Satisfaction Dr. Sonal Shree, Dr. Mallika Srivastava, Prof. Muazzam Khan  
13 Attitude Of Pre-Service Teachers Towards Inclusion Of Student With Disabilities In General School Settings Dr.R.K.Parua and Mr. Aschalew Teshome  
14 A Comparative Study Of India & Bhutan In Context Of Organizational Climate And Self-Perceived Role Efficacy Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana Punia,Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Kaushik  And Dr. Arvind Kumar Gill  
15 Tooth Liner Techniques  using  Harris Corner Detection Method Saurabh U. Saoji  
16 Impact Of Mechanization On Crops Productivity In Akola District D.N. Ingole  
17 Trade And Commerce In Medieval India: A Case Study Of Port Of Lahari Bandar With Especial Reference To European Travelers’ Account Sagufta Parveen  
18 शासनाच्या कृषी व सलग्न सेवा योजनाचे आदिवासी समाजाच्या विकासातील योगदान : आढावा योगिता भिलोरे आणि प्रा.सुरेश पाटील  
19 Innovative HR Practices In Small And Medium Scale Enterprise Prof. Sheena Abraham , Prof. Porinita Banerjee & Dr. M.D. Lawrence