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2 Information And Communication Technology And Systemic Reforms In Education Abhilasha Gautam  
3 Role Of Religion On Women With HIV/AIDS:A Qualitative Case Study Methodology Binu Sahayam D & Dr. Maya Rathnasabapathy  
4 Constructivism: Learning Theory and its Benefits Dr. Anil T. Thosare  
5 Extent of Application of ICT in Teaching – Learning Process: Perception of Secondary School Students Dr. Minikutty A. & Mrs. Sindhu P.G.  
6 Lewis Nkosi’s Underground People: an Exposition of Racialism in South Africa Ms. Manisha Baban Patil  
7 Group Learning Strategy: Reflective Portfolios on comprehensive learning of concepts Dr.K.Chellamani  
8 Historical Setting And Women’s Welfare Legislation   In Tamilnadu –A Study. D.Sudha&  Major.Dr.Viji  
9 Role Of Nabard In Self Help Groups Movement Through Shg-Bank Linkage Programme (SBLP) Sahane Sopan Sampat  
10 Seaweeds in the coast of Tamil Nadu, Taxonomic classification of Seaweeds in Tamil Nadu Coast Louis Cojandaraj A. & Dr M.C John Milton  
11 Globalization: Impact On Higher Education Dr. Anil T. Thosare  
12 Human Rights Women Prisoners And Prison Reforms In India – A Study Major.Dr.Viji