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1 Emerging Technology Trends In Education Dr. Deepali Tyagi  
2 Satisfaction Level Of Mutual Fund Investors Dr. Jyoti H. Pohane  
3 The Challenges Faced By Women With Disabilities In Education Fr. Baiju Thomas  
4 A Study Of Relationship Between Understanding Of Science And Scientific Temper Of Hindu And Muslim Students Dr. Ramendra Kumar Gupta  
5 Learning Outcomes Of Educational Research Dr. Patankar P. S.  
6 Quality Influence Customer To Prefer Roadside Tea Stalls Dr. Prakash H. Karmadkar  
7 अर्थशास्त्रीय विवेचनात मानवी हक्कांचा संदर्भ ( विशेष संदर्भ -भारत ) डॉ.तेजस्विनी मुड़ेकर  
8 A Study Of Impact Of Tourism Industry On Indian Geography Azad