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1 A Study On Influencing Factors Of Quality Of Work Life In NPKRR Co-Operative Sugas Mills Ltd, Thalainayar, Mayiladuthurai Dr. M. S. Gayathri  
2 Correlation between Time management and Self Actualization among B.Ed. Students Mr. Abhijeet M. Rajput & Dr. Arati P. Sapkale  
3 An Emprical Study On Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Subjective Wellbeing Of Employees in an Organisation Dr. M. S. Gayathri,  
4 The Effect of Reading Skill on Achievement of Vocabulary of Secondary Level Students Mr. G. D. Sapkal & Dr. Arati P. Sapkale  
5 Wisely managed classroom technology Mayuri Anilkumar Mahajan   & Dr. Arati P. Sapkale  
6 A Study of study habbits of ninth standard students of English medium in Dhule city Mr. Deepak Kashinath Chaudhari & Dr. Arati P. Sapkale  
7 उच्च माध्यमिक शाळेतील विद्यार्थ्यांचा मानसशास्त्रीय समुपदेशन गरजांचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास दीपक प्रभाकर बाविस्कर  
8 A study of academic achievement of pupil teachers in relation to locus of control Dr. Umender Malik  
9 Status In The Working Place Of The Women SHGS Members In Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu – An Analysis Dr. K. Muthu  
10 Academic Achievement In Mathematics Of Higher Secondary Students  In Puducherry Region Dr. G. Kumaravelu  
11 कनिष्ठ महाविद्यालयातील विद्यार्थ्यांचा संगणक साक्षरतेचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास डॉ. तुषार मधुकर माळी  
12 Achievements Of Women Scientists And Echnologists Major (Dr) Viji, M. & Mary Elizabeth Shyamala  
13 Factors Influencing Rural Consumers To Switch: A Study Conducted Towards Various Mobile Service Providers In West Bengal Dr. Debarun Chakraborty  
14 विविध पद्व्यूत्तर महाविद्यालयातील विद्यार्थ्यांचा संशोधन अभिवृत्तीचा अभ्यास प्रा. गजानन मुरलीधर खेकाडे  
15 विनोद गायकवाड यांच्या कादंबरीतील समस्या डॉ. नागनाथ लक्ष्मण आवले  
16 Custumers’perception Of Automated Teller Machines – A Study On Atm Services Of Indian Overseas Bank, Pudukkottai DR. G. Deepa  
17 Study Of Oxygen Consumption Value And Biological Parameters Momin Shaziya Mohammed Irfan & Pillai Pramoda Sasidharan  
18 Rural Agriculture and Hilly Areas: A Case Study Akole tahsil In Ahmednagar District, M.S, India Dr. Khemnar Shivaji Bhagwan  
19 Counselling And Family Therapy Through Open And Distance Learning: Skill Development And Quality Assurance In Training Of Professionals – The Indian Experience Amiteshwar Ratra  & Neerja Chadha  
20 Promoting Positive Parenting And Fostering Healthy Parent-Child Relationships Through Distance Education, Technology-Mediated Learning And Moocs Amiteshwar Ratra  
21 Risk Management In E-Banking Customers Services: A Case Study Of Karnataka Bank Ltd (KBL) Dr. C. Mahadeva Murthy & Dr. Veena K.P.  
22 Role Of Women In Nation Building And Development Dr.Sanjay P. Shedmake  
23 Risk Management In E-Banking Customers Services: A Case Study Of Karnataka Bank Ltd (KBL) Dr. C. Mahadeva Murthy & Dr. Veena K. P.  
24 Educational Robotics: A New Arena In Classroom Teaching Igona Gorakhnath & Jubilee Padmanabhan  
25 Impact Of Dairy Farming On Educational Status In Kolhapur District: A Case Study Dr. S. K. Pawar  & Mr. N. N. Naiknaware  
26 संसार की प्राचीनतम संस्कृतियो में स्त्रियो का स्थान डॉ. विलास जाधव, प्रा. वाय डब्लू. शेख  
27 Technology Way Forward To Financial Inclusion: A Study On The Role Of Technology Lokeshnath B  
28 Children Care Through Alternative Forms Myths And Realities Dr. R. Dayanandan & Abraham Mamo  
29 Educational Status Of Scheduled Caste Students In Higher Education Of Assam-A Case Study Dr. Subhash Chandra Das  
30 Study Of Freshwater Quality Of Choba Nimgaon Lake By Using Physico-Chemical Parameters Doke R.B. & Katariya A.P.  
31 A Cross – Cultural Perspective Of The Social And Emotional Factors Affecting Gifted Learners : Year 9 – Year 12 Diane Arlene D’Souza  
32 Understanding Of Barriers Of Ict In Education And Its Effective Use Sudesh  
33 Online Channel Usage: Evaluating Association W.R.T Online Train Ticket Purchase Chakravarthi Koundinya  
34 Physio-Locational Taxonomy Of Periodic Markets In Karad Tahsil Of Satara District (Maharastra) Dr. S. K. Pawar   & Mr. R. N. Dhulugade  
35 Cartoons: Visualising Cause And Effect Of Climate Change Asha Alexander   & Dr. I. Arul Aram  
36 Entrepreneurship And Innovation In Indian Economy Mrs. Sunindita Pan  
37 Antimicrobial Activity Of Novel Porous Zngd2o4 Nanoparticles Exhibit Nanoparticle-Bacteria Interface M. C. Naik & S. R. Bamane  
38 Relationship Between Achievement Motivation And Self- Efficacy Among Adolescents Sunaina  
39 A Study On Demographics And Satisfaction In Online Travel Chakravarthi Koundinya  
40 A Study Of Risk Taking Behaviour Among Adolescents In Relation To Their Type  Of Educational Stream Dr. Kamlesh Dhull & Dr. Sudesh  
41 Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s Educational Endeavours – A Revisit Dr. A.K Ampotti  
42 Job Satisfaction Among Higher Secondary School Teachers In Kolhapur And Subrural Area- A Study Dr. Sarjerao Pandurang Chavan  
43 Problems Of Women Entrepreneurs In India Dr. Bharat M. Pithadia  
44 कला शिक्षण की अध्यापन विधियाँ अवनीत कौर  
45 Experiential Learning Replaces Traditional Teaching Methodology In Management Institute Mrs.Sheena Abraham &Dr.Sachin Kulkarni
46 E-Commerce Development And Its Challenges And Opportunities In India Dr. Vijay K. Bile
47 Time Management Skill And Techniques Dr. Vijay K. Bile
48 Role Of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana For The Development Of MSME Dr. Vijay K. Bile