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2 Challenges On Implementing Computer Education For Rural Schools-A Case Study  Of Banka District Bihar Ravish Kumar Mishra & Dr. Jai Prakash Sirur  
3 The Miracle Of Plant Growth Promoter Jesikha.M  
4 Evaluation Of Manually operated weeder With Reference To Field Performance Khogare .D.T. & Dr.Sunita Borkar  
5 Fostering Inclusive Education In Teacher Education : Problem And Prospects In Implementing Inclusive Education In Indian Scenario Dr.Shazil Khan  
6 A Study Of Mythology Of Ramayana In Raja Rao’s Kanthapura Dr.P.M.Patil  
7 A Study of English Language Anxiety In Learning English Of Secondary School Of Kolhapur District Dr.P.S.Patankar & Ms.R.S.Patil  
8 Harassment of Negroes : An Explication In “Ballad Of The Landlord” Tagad B.V  
9 Introduction TO Supreme Number (Part 2) Nachimani charde & Komalavalli Daramlingam  
10 Digital Library: The Need Of Next Generation 21st Librarianship Mr. Ramakant A. Navghare