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2 Perceptions Of Perspective Teachers’ Towards Modernization In Relation To Their Socio-Economic Status Dr.Jatinder Grover  
3 Emotional Intelligence Of Students Belonging To Sc/St Communities Dr. K. Arockia Raj  
4 Socio- Cultural Life Of The Mising Tribes Of Assam: A Sociological Note Dr. Jayanta Dowarah  
5 Study Of The Factors Influencing Political Socialization Of Student Community In Mumbai Dr.Harshad K.Bhosale  
6 To Study The  Effectiveness Of Initiatory School Experiences On Student Teacher Dr.Naik Tarasing  
7 Rojgar Vinimay Kendratil Nondanikrut Berojgar Umedvarache Adhyan -Sandharbha Akola Zilha Dr.Nitin Choudhary  
8 Rock Garden; An Amalgam Of Art In Lap Of Nature Ms. Anantdeep Grewal