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2 State Central Library Mumbai And Marathi Publications: An Analysis Bhupendra Bansod &    Dr. Shashank Sonwane  
3 A Change In Behavior Of Banking Sector For Micro Finance In MSME Mayank Singhal  
4 Popularity of Fantasy Films: Love for Creativity or Mere Escapism? Dr. Divya Walia  
5 Human Talent Accounting In India Dr.Anita Sharma Samnol  
6 Information Communication Technology Is Full Of Boons But Having Curse In Form Of Cyber Crime Dr. Mukesh Yadav  
7 Perception of Students and Teachers of Secondary stage on Relevance and Significance of Value Education and their implementation Mr. Sangeet Sharma & Ms. Amandeep Kaur  
8 Implementation of Financial Inclusion in India is an opportunity to integrate Indian society Dr. Devashish Mukherjee & Shiv Kumar Shrivastav  
9 An Effect of Exchange rate on Gold and Crude oil prices Ms. Rachana Jain & Dr. Akanksha Singhi  
10 Revitalizing Professionalism Among Teacher Educators For Knowledge Society Abhilasha Gautam  
11 Revive Sikh Practices For Continuing And Adult Education Dr Meharban Singh  
12 परंपरागत भारतीय शिक्षा में भटकाव और वर्तमान संदर्भ में पुनः भारतीयकरन के व्यावारिक उपक्रम सुदीप कुमार चौहान  
13 History Of Cultural Relation Between India And Iran Shri. Shailendra V. Pandhare  
14 Teacher For The Value Of Honesty Mahimanram Ganpatram Pandya  
15 Varaha Sculptures in Aurangabad District Dr.Bhelonde Jagdish Vankatrao  
16 Comparative Analysis of Performance of Ozone-Friendly and Low GWP HFC Refrigerant in a Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle Kashid Hari T.,Khatpe Akshay R,Khile Parshuram N,Ligade Pravin B & Sandip P. Chavhan  
17 महात्मा गांधी व शेतकरी चळवळ एक ऐतहासिक अध्ययन राजू दिगंबर कुटे  
18 ब्रिटीश कालीन भारतातील दुष्काळ एक ऐतहासिक अध्ययन राजू दिगंबर कुटे