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1 Internet And Indian Youth Sadhana Pote-Palsamkar  
2 Promoting Culture Of Peace & Universal Values Dr. Ramendra Kumar Gupta  
3 Assessment Of A Govt. Programme (Joint Forest Management) & Its Relation To The Local People:Case Study In Choupahari Forest,Birbhum, West Bengal Amborish Das & Sephali Das  
4 Time Management: A Way To Success Ms. Amritpal Kaur  
5 Estimation Of Ground-State Energy Of Particle In 1-D Potential Well-Variation Method R.B. Ahirrao  
6 Sustainable Development And Corporate Social Responsibility Policy In India Shaila Mehmood  
7 Impact Of Demographic Variables On Thinking Style Of Secondary School Students Dr. Neerja Gautam & Ms. Amandeep Kaur  
8 Role Of District Employment And Self Employment Centre In Wardha Dr. Rajendra A. Raut  
9 Legal Provision For Education Of Weaker And Challenged Dr. Kalpana J. Modi  
10 Preservation Of Cultural Heritage Site Of Ancient India And Its Impact On Economy Dr. Nabanita Dutta  
11 A Study Of Relationship Between Internet Usage And Study Habits Of Secondary School Students Dr. Arundhati Chavan & Sadhana Pote-Palsamkar  
12 Parenting Stress Among Women Living With Hiv – A Case Study Analysis O.Aisha manju & Dr.D.Nirmala  
13 Career Maturity Of Secondary School Tribal Students In Relation To Their Gender Amulya Kumar Acharya  
14 हैद्राबाद मुक्तिसंग्रामात ” मराठवाडा ” वृत्तपत्राची कामगिरी डॉ.प्रशांत देशमुख  
15 Necessity Of Sex Education In Our Institutions Baria Ela T  
16 भगवान बुद्ध कि अमूल्य धरोहर : विपश्यना ध्यान शिव प्रसाद पांचे  
17 स्त्रियांचे कथा व कादंबरीलेखन : शोध स्त्रीप्रतीमेचा डॉ .आशितोष पाटील  
18 Cultural Role Of Ganikas(Courtesans) In Ancient India Vilas S. Jadhav &.Saharda G.Bande