Research and Development Facility

With the aim to regularly launch new editions of books on several subjects, we have appointed specialized Research Books Publisher and Development team. It includes highly educated and experienced computer operators, writers, editors, researchers and publishing experts. By regularly participating in varied seminars of the education industry, our experts keep themselves abreast of latest information and add the same in our books. Further, the R&D tasks of our company also helps in reducing publishing cost and expanding the scope of our books in all National as well as International fora.

Printing and Binding Department

We are well famous for perfectly printing and binding our books, for keeping the quality of these high, a specialized department is maintained by us. Once the tasks of typing and designing all the pages of our books get complete, we pass the same to the printing department, where with the aid of single color machines, two colors machines, four colors machine, folding matching machines, binding machines, thermal lamination machines and several equipments, copies of our books are made. Highly skilled mechanics run all our installed machines and ensure that the books (Educational Reference Books, Social Reformer Book, and Ideological Books.) are produced without any mistake in a good speed. Further, the binding process starts at its maintained specific department in a perfect manner.

Distribution Network

The widely expanded distribution network of our company has always helped us in spreading our wings across the national boundaries. A specialized sales team is appointed by us for enhancing the overall sales of our books in the India as well as overseas nations. This department of our company is large, several intelligent sales personnel and administration experts are working in it under the overall direction of a Sales Director. Currently, we are having presence of our sales managers in nearly thirteen states of our country. To enhance the overall sales ratio of our company and also plan about the next editions of the books, we periodically organize sales conferences.

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Use of finest quality material in the production
  • Excellent market reputation
  • Rich domain experience
  • Client-oriented approaches


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